Wellness and Athletics

Wellness and Athletics

Garner & Glover Company believes that there is only one way to control rising health care costs: through prevention. We focus on bringing proven cost savings solutions to clients in the form of wellness programs and health initiatives that reach beyond traditional savings methods like cost-shifting and benefit reduction.

When Garner & Glover Company partners with a client, we envision a true commitment to help your company and your employees lead a healthy and satisfying lifestyle. Our comprehensive wellness program includes the following:

  • Health Fair Planning & Implementation
  • Coordination of Program Kick-off Meetings
  • Vendor Cost & Services Analysis
  • Budget Planning
  • Blood Profiles and Health Assessment Coordination
  • Custom Wellness Program Design
  • Employee Educations and Communication Campaign
  • Integration with Employee Committees
  • Aggregate Reporting Focused on Long Term & Projected Savings
  • Negotiations with health, life and disability carrier underwriters through the direct correlation of program benchmarks to claims reduction

Athletic Insurance Consulting and Claims Management

Garner & Glover Company can offer the following services to Athletic Departments of colleges and universities

  1. Review and Reconciliation
    • Review the current policy
    • Reconcile all open claims
    • Set up strategic planning meetings
  2. Athletic Excess Insurance
    • Provide excess athletic insurance
    • Quote current insurance to other carriers
  3. Claims Management
    • Communicate, manage and resolve athletic claims
    • Weekly reporting on the status of a claim
    • Negotiate claims on behalf of school and students
  4. Cost Savings - Saving time and money through numerous cost saving techniques
  5. Education - On-site educational training for student athletes, coaches and athletic trainers
  6. Administrative
    • Collect and store athletes' primary insurance carrier information
    • On-site enrollment of athletes into the excess athletic insurance
  7. Other Insurance
    • Insurance for intramurals, club sports and coaches' independent camps
    • Bundle pricing with additional services that Garner & Glover can provide